Aliona Pazdniakova

Aliona Pazdniakova

An interdisciplinary artist of Belarusian descent, she has been living and working in Norway since 2010. Her educational background includes art education (MA), philosophy (BA) and photography. She is a member of the Norwegian Association of Photographic Artists (FFF). Based mainly on the mediums of photography, video and text, her works often take hybrid forms and are a kind of transgressive exploration. She is primarily interested in moving from the figure of the “Other” to the subject of collective identity and the mechanisms of its construction, which she seeks to reveal by combining her experiences in philosophy and visual arts.

She uses both digital and analog techniques in her artistic practice. She combines staged and documentary approaches, and mixes genres and experiments with styles. Fascinated by the origins of things Alion often engages in a dialogue with antiquity and traditional cultures, trying to decipher and visualize new ethical and aesthetic standards and rules behind contemporary mythologies.

Summary of the residency

During her four-week-long residency in Wrocław in June, Aliona explored the issue of collective identity formation, which remains a central topic of her artistic interest. The starting point was an old legend associated with the Bridge of the Witches in the Cathedral of St Mary Magdalene, which claims that the bridge was once used to test women accused of witchcraft. They were supposed to walk across it. If they succeeded, they were considered to be aided by the devil and burned at the stake. If they fell, they were declared innocent. The site inspired the artist to ponder the relationship between the individual, especially one who is somehow different, and the collective. Also to reflect on the society of the spectacle (Guy Debord) and the firmly established dominance of the sense of sight, within the context of modern technology among other things.

With regard to these issues, Aliona created a nail-studded object in the shape of an eye, which in its appearance refers to the Hindu tradition of Sadhu boards, which are handmade objects used for acupressure and meditation. The artist’s creation of this work required patience in finding the right materials and determination to hammer several hundred nails.

In the course of the residency, the artist wandered the city with her camera, fascinated by, among others, the local market “Na Młynie”, which was a collection of various objects amongst which she found surprising regularities and references to her interests. She was also captivated by the curtains/veils present in the urban space covering buildings under renovation and protecting them from falling apart, from the elements, and from being visible; but also by disused objects and abandoned places.  The result of these expeditions are photographs that will become part of an installation developed by Aliona. It will also include the aforementioned object and video performance.

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