Curatorial text from the exhibition “Whose Voices Are Being Heard?

Everything that matters happened outside the space of this exhibition. This sentence applies very well to presenting the results of six female artists’ residencies at the BWA Wrocław Główny Gallery. Held in the spring and summer of this year, they were part of the Polish-Norwegian exchange programme for artists, ‘Whose Voices Are Being Heard?’. For […]

all.cake.all.night: neighborhood dinners are back in October!

Starting the autumn season with “all.cake.all.night” project by Teresa Stillebacher and the Aesthetic Athletics+ collective! The team built a spatial architectural pavilion in the Artistic Courtyard of the HART hostel, where they invites residents of Nadodrze (and beyond!) to participate in a spatial intervention in the form of an open kitchen, cooking together, art meetings […]

Spatial intervention with Teresa Stillebacher and Aesthetic Athletics+ in Wrocław

We are launching the next residency of the international MagiC Carpets network! Wroclaw Institite of Culture will be visited by the Austrian architect, Teresa Stillebacher. The artist plans to build a spatial pavilion in one of the Nadodrze district courtyards and invite the residents of Wrocław to participate in a spatial intervention in the form […]

About Aliona’s and Yachi’s June residencies

June was the second month of residency as part of the “Whose voices are being heard?” project. Another two participating artists, Aliona Pazdniakova and Yachi Shian-Yuan Yang spend four weeks in Wrocław.

The words have spoken. Laura Adel’s residency

This text talks about the artist’s cooperation with the public in June 2023 in Wrocław. The first part is a report on actions and a record of the working methods of Laura Adel with Anna Garasko, Franciszka Drozd, Dominika Chwaster, Marta Sieczkowska, Maciej Brys, Barbara Krupa, Sonia Obolewicz, Wojciech Laskowski and Iza Ataman-Krok. The other […]

Zdjęcie trzech uśmiechniętych kobiet, artystek i kuratorki rezydencji, pozują do zdjęcia przed bramą podwórka
About Yildiz and Kine artist residency: a summary

Trust, searching, listening to personal stories and changing dynamics of work. Read about the residency process of the first participants of the residency exchange “Whose voices are being heard?” in Wrocław – Kine Michelle Bruniera and Lill Yildiz Yalcin!

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