Anastasia Jechorek / Taso Pataridze

Anastasia Jechorek / Taso Pataridze

Georgia-based intermedia artist working creatively in Poznan and Leipzig. She draws inspiration from the vulnerability of man in the modern world suffering from information overload and rapid technological development. Anastasia’s works mainly deal with the grim aspects of the new reality. In depicting her vision of the future, she often uses photography, altering its traditional forms and other media.
Residence in Hvitsten Salong

During her stay in Hvitsten, Anastasia took on the subject of a wide variety of debates and speculation – migration. Generally it is seen as a major problem of our future which might disbalance our reality as we know it now. The fear of possible need to adjust to new conditions caused by changes in our eco system. Yet we are not ready to take acknowledge our guilt. Systems we created are dividing our society therefore introducing artificial conditioning who is better and exaltation of cultures. The Scarecrow object is a rough flashback of experiencing an intercourse at governmental offices, airports, city halls etc. and an uncomfortable feeling which is creeping in when you have a wrong passport.

Residents during their artist talk in Hvitsten, 2023 

Hvitsten Salong Festival 2023 

„Don’t worry if you don’t know this feeling, it’s ok. Eat the Oyster” – is a not really funny joke inspired by personal experiencing of breaking a law without acknowledging it and facing the consequences.

“Whose voices are heard? An exchange program for foreign artists from Poland and Norway” is a project co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway from the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 under the Culture program.

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