One of our tasks is to stimulate the development of the cultural field. How? By organising the meetings with experts from all over the country, we want to enable cultural professionals to improve their competences and together explore trends that will allow us to spread our wings.  

The Institute will continue the activities that you have so far known as projects of Cultural Practitioners, i.e. workshops and meetings dedicated to employees of our sector to broaden their professional horizons. We want to use the experience gained in previous years to creatively develop this sphere of our activity. Together we will learn new skills useful in working in culture, we will meet at seminars and workshops to discuss issues relevant to our sector, we will also conduct research, then analyse it together and share our conclusions with the world. 

This field will also partly result from joint networking – this is where we will look for topics that are important to us: cultural staff. We intend to help develop competences also for those who are taking their first steps in the creation of cultural events. With them in mind, we will continue the activities such as the Academy of Microgrants, which allows you to acquire new skills and learn the ins and outs of working on cultural projects from scratch.