One of our tasks is to stimulate the development of culture. We want to enable culture professionals from all over the country to improve their competencies by offering them meetings with specialists and by exploring trends together, which will allow us to spread our wings.

At the Institute, we organise conferences, workshops and other meetings aimed at our sector’s employees to strengthen their skills and broaden their professional horizons. Together with you, we want to learn new information, acquire useful work skills and identify cultural trends. This can take place in short, in-depth training sessions on specific topics; or it can be programmed as an extensive course. An example of the latter is DWULATKA. School of Animation Practices – a two-year (2023-24) educational project, developed in cooperation with the ZAMEK Cultural Centre in Poznań, aimed at people who want to gain experience in cultural animation of local communities.

In addition to organising lectures, seminars or talks, we also commission various research projects – the most recent was the multi-faceted Diagnosis of Wrocław Culture carried out in 2022. Over the years, the work implemented by the Practicioners of Culture has led to numerous publications: reports, guides, compilations, and podcasts.

Networking is vital here. By participating in networks, we look for topics that are important to culture professionals. In this respect, competence meetings are an integral part of many of the networking activities we carry out – such as the ‘Art of the Neighbourhood’ forum for local artistic activities. We also help those taking their first steps in the cultural event organisation to acquire new skills, e.g. by sharing knowledge with organisers and promoters of Microgrants projects.

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