Dawid Puszyński

Dawid Puszyński

Graphic designer, sculptor and educator. The portfolio of the Poznan artist includes projects of spatial activities and traditional media. In his works he often touches on the sphere of the human figure, its transformations and adaptations to the situations he finds himself in, analyzing the chaos of modernity and pop culture transformations. During the residency, he wants to create a sculpture/installation directing viewers to reflect on the exclusion and isolation of LGBTQ+ people. 
Residency in Hvitsten Salong  

During the Hvitsten Salong 2023 Festival in August, David presented a work that directly relates to the anecdote/parable about the sword of Damocles. According to history, a sword suspended in the air on a thin horsehair was supposed to symbolize constant threat and remind us of the consequences of our decisions. 

”Growing up in an oppressive environment marked by the strong influence of the Catholic religion (traditional values etc.) as a gay person, I had to deal with rejection, violence and loneliness many times. The constant sense of threat because of my differences accompanies me to this day. The sword took on a slightly surreal, abstract form. Referring to the style of the world of fantasy, magic and unicorns. The sword is also a symbol of masculine, strength and hierarchy, in this view it seems to balance between what wants to remain invisible and what catches the eye.” – Dawid Puszyński  
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