DWULATKA. School of Animation Practices

This is a two-year course run by the ZAMEK Cultural Centre in Poznań and Wrocław Institute of Culture for people who want to strengthen their skills or gain experience in everyday work with local communities.

The first year is of a training nature – during workshops led by animators and culture professionals and study visits to Poznań and Wrocław, students will learn how to use the tools and methods of culture and art to realise good, responsible and engaging social projects. The second year will be an opportunity to try out newly acquired skills in practice. In 2024, the participants will carry out four inter-city projects in the Greater Poland and Lower Silesia Voivodeships – each with a budget of PLN 10,000.

The 2023 sessions will be organised in spring (in May and June) and autumn (between September and December). They will be divided into two training blocks. In the first one, participants will learn what constitutes an excellent educational project, what are the characteristics of the culture animators’ job, and how to create a project that meets the needs of the community with whom it is being carried out. The second block will consist of inspirational workshops. Some of the topics that will be covered include how micro-stories can influence building an engaged community, if everyone can create, perceive and talk about contemporary art, and how to use theatre techniques when working with the community.

Dwulatka is aimed at people who want to deepen their knowledge and operate in the field of socio-cultural animation: educators, social curators, activists, artists, (co-)employees of cultural, educational, health or environmental institutions and organisations; teachers, and students. We received as many as 87 applications from 21 February to 16 March – and from these, we selected 24 people to start the course!

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