The most extensive part of our programme consists of events that will be the result of the Institute’s experimental profile, and at the same time will serve an opportunity to test in action unconventional, fresh ideas for the spreading of culture.   

Here, we will also put into practice the ideas and concepts developed in other areas of our activity. In the WIoC calendar, you will find proposals for all age groups and events on a smaller, local scale, but also those with a nationwide scope. Some of the projects in this area are already well known to you and have become part of the Wrocław landscape – others will be created by observing and analysing the cultural and social landscape. These events are intended to respond to the challenges and needs of the dynamically changing situation around us. 

The main spaces where the Institute’s activities will be carried out are our flagship venues: Barbara and Recepcja. The former – a cult milk-bar in the mid-twentieth, now a club café in the heart of the city – will remain a place for discussions, lectures, meetings and workshops exploring various cultural niches. Recepcja, on the other hand, will be a space for musical experiments and exhibitions presenting the work of young artists and designers. It will also remain the heart of networking between neighbouring organisations in the neon-lit Ruska 46 courtyard.  

We will also strengthen neighbourly ties outside the courtyard by, among other things, organising local projects as part of Microgrants and neighbourhood walks discovering unknown nooks and crannies of the city, far away from the centre. Many of our projects are inspired in one way or another by Wrocław itself: we want to go out into the urban space with culture, rediscover it and enjoy the local specificity of Wrocław’s districts. During our annual reading celebration, European Night of Literature, once again we will invite you not only to listen to excerpts of the best European prose, but also to visit unusual and inaccessible places in one of Wrocław’s districts.  

You can read about Wrocław cultural events – both those for which the Institute is responsible and dozens of others organised in our city – in “Wrocław Cultural Guide” published by the Institute. Soon we will present you this free magazine in a completely new edition.