Culture of Mobility 2023: meet the beneficients of this year’s supporting program!

Exhibition in Boston, a performance during the foodculture days art biennial in Switzerland, the realisation of costumes with glass elements for a Vivian Fredrich dance show in Barcelona - these are just a part of the projects that will be supported by the local Culture of Mobility grant fund! Check out foreign initiatives that will be realised by the winners of this year's call.

A total of 31 applications were submitted in the call for proposals, which ran from 7 to 26 February. The level of your projects was very high, and the choice was extremely difficult. The applications mostly concerned individual trips to a partner or an inviting organisation (19) and group projects (7). There were also projects for networking trips (2 individual and 3 group trips). Of these, the committee selected 5 proposals for overseas trips.

Whose culture trips are we supporting this year?

Maciej Kowalczyk and Marcin Dominiak will take part in a study visit and networking meeting with NUS COOPERATIVA in Barcelona – a social-artistic cooperative that combines social art with interdisciplinary activities such as theatre, just like the projects and activities of the Wroclaw duo. Their guide on the Barcelona trail of theatre educators will be Ariadna Iranzo Vilalta, with whom they began their professional friendship last year in Wrocław. Another group trip to a foreign partner is connected with the artistic project “Salon of Care”. The first series of the project on the borderline between participatory performance and culinary craft by performer Maja Renn and culinural artist Piotr Matkowski will take place during the biennial foodculture days in Vevey, Switzerland, at the end of May/beginning of June this year.

zdjęcie mapy rozłożonej na podłodze
fot. Jerzy Wypych

A group from the New Media Artistic and Scientific Circle at the Computer Composition Studio of the K. Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław will travel to Turin. Karol Knapiński, Olgierd Żemojtel, Karolina Kułaga, Jan Styczyński and Michał Kram will travel to Italy at the invitation of researchers from the Politecnico di Torino to perform a concert on 23 June using the prototype NMP (networked music performance) technology, which allows musicians from different parts of the world to connect to each other via a low-latency computer network and – thanks to this – play remote concerts together.

Ula Gołdasz will also travel to Barcelona, where, at the invitation of theatre director Vivian Friedrich, she will design and make the glass elements of the ‘Sklenka Melta’ project. The Wrocław-based artist has been invited to collaborate on the creation of glass costumes. Do produce it she will be using hot glass shaping and jewellery techniques. The unique objects will be used in a dance performance and the premiere of the show will take place at the Mercat de les Flors dance house. Tomasz Opania will embark on his most distant expedition, from across the Atlantic Ocean. The artist, who creates art focused on spatial events, is organising a two-month solo exhibition: “LEPIEJ JUŻ BYŁO” at the Midway Gallery in Boston (USA), curated by Milan Kohout. The concept is to present a series of large-format prints and a series of video projections documenting selected activities, realised objects and interventions in public space.

Congratulations to all winners!

Meet the artists of “Whose voices are heard?” residency project! 

We are pleased to announce that by the decision of the committee consisting of representatives of the Wrocław Institute of Culture and representatives of Norwegian partners from Hvitsten Salong and Safemuse in Oslo, we invite to participate in the residency exchange “Whose voices are heard?” 12 minority artist living in Poland and Norway.


Culture of Mobility 2023 call for entries has started! 

Are you planning to participate in an independent art fair, a creative workshop, or maybe you are going to join a scientific conference or an art review? Are you considering a study stay or a trip to your dream artistic residency? Apply for a small fund supporting trips of local artists abroad and get funding for your trip in the Culture od Mobility open call!


Summary of 2022: EVENTS 

One of the outcomes of an experimental profile of the Wrocław Institute of Culture was the events – fresh ideas for popularising the culture put into reality and activities tightening the relations between neighbours of the Wrocław districts. The official opening event of the Institute took place in February, and last year was full of changes – local and global. Still, in 2022 we sometimes experienced confusion but also experienced a sense of developing identity and pride in the achieved goals of successful cultural and social events. Live discussions, workshops, unforgettable concerts and long walks – let’s take a look into the calendar of the last months!