Culture of Mobility 2022 – we know the results!

Research residency in Jakarta, a trip to the architecture and design festival in Spain, visit to the legendary guide of Georgian choirs - we know the results of Culture of Mobility programe! Check whom abroad projects will we support this year.

Since this year, the Culture of Mobility program for creators and artists from Lower Silesia has been operating under the banner of the Wrocław Institute of Culture. In the recruitment, which lasted from April 1 to 28, we got a total number of 31 applications – from which the committee selected 6 proposals for foreign trips. 

Whose abroad projects will we support this year? 

Magdalena Kreis and Yuriy Biley (NOWY ZŁOTY) will take part in the international independent art fair SUPERMARKET 2022 taking place in Stockholm (Sweden) at the end of May. Wrocław based duo will present an exhibition cycle called CEREMONIAL, consisting of works in the form of flags made by following authors: Monika Drożyńska (PL), Yulia Krivich (UA), Alex Urso (IT), Nikolay Karabinovych (UA), Jolanta Nowaczyk (PL) , Nikita Kadan (UA), Joanna Rajkowska (PL), Magdalena Karpińska (PL). 

Natalia Komorowska, an artist specializing in glass work, will join a masterclass with Scott Bienefeld, which will be held in Frauenau (Germany) in July. The aim of the trip is to explore the traditional techniques of hot forming Venetian glass, incl. murano and filigranna. The best glass artists of the young generation in Europe were invited as part of the course. The resulting works will be presented in Wrocław this summer. 

Olga Lidia Kozłowska, Karolina Mróz and Ilona Antoniewicz (Nana Ensemble) will go to France in mid-August as part of the project “Penetration. Songs that connect ” to join Frank Kane’s workshop of the Georgian choir and author of the Conscious Vibrations method. The project will culminate as a social event in Przed·Pokój H13. The concert and presentation of the extended repertoire aim to integrate the multicultural community of Wrocław residents. 

Michał Stenzel, the filmmaker, will travel to Siradan (France) at the invitation of the organizers of the open-air event for filmmakers and actors of Kino Pyrénéus. Trip aim is to integrate the international film community, jointly create short films, promote cinematography and establish cooperation in future film projects. 

At the turn of August and September, Agata Woźniczka, a Wrocław architect and town planner, will present the project of multi-functional street furniture “Sadzonki” (which is a commentary on getting rid of greenery from city centers) as part of the Concéntrico architecture and design festival in Logroño (Espain). 

The last journey suporrted by the Culture of Mobility programme will be to distant Indonesia. In October, Diego Gutierrez Valladares will do a monthly residency stay in the Gudskul Ekosystem in Jakarta. The interdisciplinary artist, researcher and educator will continue his research related to scientific work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, gain new knowledge and observe the local context. 

Congratulations to all the winners! 

“Portable House” by Mariia Yakymenko   

We are starting another residency organized within the international network – MagiC Carpets! Mariia Yakymenko will visit Wrocław in late November and early December. Ukrainian artist will create a collective zine, consisting of collages made with new residents of Wroclaw during her workshops at Barbara.


About URKA’s artistic residency

The residency project “The Yourself Library” by Davide D’Angelo, known as URKA, took place at the invitation of the Wrocław Institute of Culture as part of the european platform, MagiC Carpets. The Italian artist worked with the new inhabitants of Wrocław, local youth. During his month-long stay, the resident conducted a series of eight creative workshops where the main goal was to search for a “common language” between people of different origins and cultures.


Meet our first MagiC Carpets’ resident – URKA

We are launching the activities of the first of three residencies, creating development opportunities for emerging curator working with local and international artists. The residencies take place within a platform bringing together 16 cultural organisations from EU and candidate countries.