Laura Adel’s “SEDIMENT” exhibition at IP Studio

Multimedia images generated by sound, interactive 3D prints and digital art transferring the poetry of urban spaces into a virtual environment – feel invited to an intermedia exhibition of Laura Adel’s objects, which is a creative summary of the artist’s individual and workshop work during the month-long MagiC Carpets residency.

𝐒𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓 is a look at Wroclaw from the perspective of an explorer, a discoverer. Images, sounds and human stories are intertwined here with geological processes. It is such phenomena as gouging, piling up and filling in, the artist says, that metaphorically describe modern cities, built of concrete. The settlement may also be a poetic remnant of a bygone workshop conducted by Laura and an artistic record of observations of her immediate surroundings, which turned into and object in the shape of stone made by 3D printing and multimedia images generated by sound.

dwujęzyczna grafika z obrazkiem kamienia będąca identyfikacja wystawy Laury Adel. Na grafice są informacje o miejscu wystawy czyli IP Studio we Wrocławiu w podwórku Ruska czetdzieści sześć a oraz o czasie trwania wystawy, czyli od jedenastego do dwudziestego piątego stycznia

Venue: IP Studio, 46A Ruska St. 4th floor apt. 401.3 (entrance via staircase A, dial number 8 in the intercom), Wrocław
Exhibition opening hours:
Tuesday-Saturday from 14.00 to 18.00
Free entrance
Author guided tours:
20.01 (Saturday) at 14.00 in Polish.
25.01 (Thursday) at 18.00 in English

Getting off the beaten track – the very beginning of the exhibition’s creative process

The role of the aforementioned explorers had to be played by those participating in the June class. The group walked with Laura around Wroclaw, leaving subtle messages to other users of public space in the form of leaves, frivolous cards and author magnets. Urban art interventions appeared in the courtyard at 46 Ruska Street, the city moat, the underpass at John Paul II Square and the fountain of the Allegory of Struggle and Victory. Although they no longer exist physically, they still remain in digital memory through photographs and an online volume. Laura often uses poetry in her practice, and she has enriched the exhibition itself at IP Studio with discreet notes defining various geological processes that are associated with city-forming processes. It’s worth looking for them when viewing the exhibition.

”We cross the same streets, climb the same stairs
And we hold coherently the same thoughts.
We are enveloped by what is common.
It drills what is imposed, silent and anonymous.
Superficially, it seems – we loom – in an alley, in a nook, in seclusion.
Deep down, however – permanently and faithfully – we gouge the monolith of the collective
to forge its individual form. Each individual
– as a fine aggregate united by a viscous network of interaction.
We fill in reinforcements. We build complex mass structures.
This is how our cities are piling up.”

Laura Adel, an interdisciplinary artist using new media art. She bases her work on abstraction, experimental films and interaction both socially and with inanimate objects she finds in the city. Artists website:

Paulina Brelińska-Garsztka

Workshops participants:
Anna Garasko, Franciszka Drozd, Dominika Chwastek, Marta Sieczkowska Maciej Brys, Barbara Krupa, Sonia Obolewicz, Wojciech Laskowski, Iza Ataman-Krok, Miruna Gheorduncescu.

Online research catalogue: HERE
Paulina’s talk with Laura in SZUM Magazine [in Polish]: Zejść z utartych szlaków. Wystawa „Osad” Laury Adel w IP Studio

SEDIMENT is a summary of Laura Adel’s individual and workshop work during a month-long residency as part of the activities of the international Magic Carpets platform co-financed by the European Union program “Creative Europe”. The project brings together several cultural organizations in Europe, and the Wrocław Institute of Culture is part of it.

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