Mariia Yakymenko and Wrocław’s newcomers invite you to the premiere of the zine “Portable House”

Mariia Yakymenko, a resident of the Wrocław Institute of Culture, worked creative for a month and runned a series of workshops with a group of new residents of Wrocław. The collective actions of the Ukrainian artist together with a large group translated into a social portrait of the city composed of mosaic stories. "I came to Wrocław for the weekend and I live here to this day." This and other stories, not only Polish, are illustrated by collages that make up subsequent pages of the zine - the artistic publication "Portable house". Soon we will have opportunity to see the project results - the zine premiere will take place on December 15 at. 5:30 p.m in Barbara – join us!

fot. Wojtek Chrubasik

– During the premiere, we will be pleased to meet all the creators, talk about collages, Maria’s residence and meet more new residents of Wrocław – adds the curator of the residence, Paulina Brelińska-Garsztka, who encourages you to join the meeting in Barbara.

Cards of local stories

Zin is a one-of-a-kind independent artistic and editorial form. Thanks to it, groups have a chance to speak, which together want to convey an important, often socially engaged message. And in this case, people who wanted to share their story created a story about the feelings of finding their own place. The workshops were attended by both completely new inhabitants of Wrocław, as well as those who perfectly remember the day of moving from a few or even several years ago. Memories or fresh experiences accompanying the transfer turned out to be an excellent and still inexhaustible material for artistic work for the resident. The “Portable house”, even after Maria’s residence is completed, will remain on the lips of many people looking for shelter, a home, a job or a future in Wrocław.

Zine authors: Mariia Yakymenko, Małgorzata Grączewska, Justyna Mądry, Karolina Kozłowska, Carol Faust, Ewa M. Ludko, Kalina Bańka-Kulka, Agata Omelarska, Melania Sulak, Ania Liubych, Walentyna Shaiko, Julia Kiziniewicz, Blanka Mokrzycka, Laura Lempert, Gabriela Kozioł, Gosia Zadrożna, Monika Poniewierska, Sonia Obolewicz, Marcelina Glista, Kasia Dominik, Ewa Kwaśniewska, Julia Habzda, Ola Zegar, Marina Mashtaler, Aga Ome, Maria Bednarek.

Mariia Yakymenko was invited to Wrocław by the Wrocław Cultural Institute for an artistic residency “Portable house” as part of the MagiC Carpets platform co-financed by the “Creative Europe” programme of the European Union.

The premiere meeting will take place on Thursday, December 15, at 5:30 p.m. in Barbara (Świdnicka Street 8b). We invite all inhabitants of Wrocław!

Emerging curator: Paulina Brelińska-Garsztka (WIK)

Emerging artist: Mariia Yakymenko (Ukraina)

Residency: Wrocławski Instytut Kultury

Practice: fotografia analogowa, kolaż

Local supprot artist: Małgorzata Grączewska

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