OPEN CALLS for projects supporting the mobility of creative people are ON. Apply now!

AIR Wro, an international program of the Wrocław Institute of Culture, has announced as many as three calls for projects supporting artistic and research cultural practices! You can apply for a residency in Kosice, Slovakia, implement a research-networking project about grassroots initiatives in Wroclaw, or get financial support for cross-border projects.

February is an excellent time to start planning cultural trips for this year – check out which project to apply to and… take advantage of the opportunity to embark on an enriching artistic and research journey with AIR Wro!

AIR Wro open calls

Culture of Mobility 2024
Practicies of care – residency in Kosice
→ Out-of-doors – research-networking residency in Wrocław

Culture of Mobility 2024: call for applications for the program to supporting cross-border trips of artists and creatives from Lower Silesia

open call: do 26.02.2024
supporting trips: 10.03-10.12.2024
fee: up to 3000 zł
language: Polish and English
call page and online application forms : HERE

The program invariably targets artists, curators, managers, activists, animators and researchers from Lower Silesia planning, individually or in groups, to carry out their projects abroad. You can apply not only if you plan to go as part of a residency or study visit. Also invited to participate are individuals (and groups) intending to take part in foreign art reviews, festivals, conferences or other events and projects, through which they will be able to develop their skills, present their work and build international relations. Anyone can apply – regardless of education or experience.

Practicies of care: call for residency in Kosice

open call: till 5.03.2024
residency: April, June, May [min. 80% of offering time]
fee: 600 € (per month) + 400 € brutto (production budget) + do 200 € brutto (travel expenses)
language: English
call page and online application form: HERE

AIR Wro and KAIR Košice invite visual or interdisciplinary artists living or coming from Wroclaw or the Lower Silesia region to participate in the “Practices of Care” residency in Košice, Slovakia. The unique artistic residency will explore the theme of care in various contexts, engaging with issues of slow life, coexistence, environmental stewardship and more. The three-month residency is a suitable choice for those wishing to develop long-term art and research projects, or who wish to open themselves to creative activities in formal and informal practices that promote a holistic perspective on well-being, as well as support for individuals, communities and the environment. The selected individual will receive housing, studio space, a monthly stipend, a production budget, travel reimbursement and access to local cultural networks.

Out-of-doors: OPEN CALL for What’s next? residency project (for Polish speaking only)

open call: till 5.03.2024
residency: autumn 24′ (till 6.09 residency plan, 20.09-10.10 stay in Wrocław, 5 and 6.10 (participation in the national forum for artistic local activities “Art of the Neighborhood”)
fee: PLN 4 400 zł gross (in case of participation with a child/family member, an additional fee of PLN 2,000 gross will be offered)
call page and online application form in Polish: HERE

Do you practice cross-sector or participatory approaches in your activities? Do you have the curiosity to take part in a research and networking residency? Are you interested in the processes behind the creation, functioning, but also disintegration of working grassroots initiatives and “wandering” post-artist projects? Apply for the autumn residency at the Wroclaw Institute of Culture. The project will be an opportunity to reflect on open, inclusive, connecting, equal spaces (physical or not) of community activities.

Curators, researchers, educators, civil servants, art mediators, as well as creative people: artists or designers from all over Poland are encouraged to participate in the call. Open call is directed to all those curious about the subject, representing the broader environment of culture and art or research. The project is co-financed by the European Union.

Get ready with US!

The coordinating team supports preparations for participation in the calls and submission of their applications. It is worth taking advantage of this support to dispel any doubts and avoid formal errors.

We consult ideas

It is also worth remembering that up to and including the day the systems are closed, you can consult your ideas by email and phone. We can also arrange a live interview at Barbara, the headquarters of the Wroclaw Institute of Culture. Go ahead and contact us on weekdays between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm.

These initiatives aim to cultivate creativity, foster collaboration and promote cultural exchange both locally and internationally. We invite artists and artists, researchers and researchers, curators and curators, and all cultural enthusiasts to take advantage of these opportunities and embark on enriching art and research journeys.

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