The next stage of cultural cooperation between Wrocław and Berlin has started!

A new edition of BERLIN_culture forum_WROCŁAW is now on its way - a project that aims to network the cultural circles of both cities. Check out what will happen in the 5th edition!

At the Institute, we want to develop cultural cooperation networks – from local partnerships to nationwide and international cooperatives. And it is the action with abroad partners that will start this area of our activity! This Thursday we will start the 5th edition of BERLIN_culture forum_WROCŁAW, which is a continuation of a long-term cooperation project between Kulturzug/Train to Culture, CONVIVIUM Berlin e.V. and – until now – Culture Zone Wrocław.

During this year’s meeting, the main topic will be the dream alternative space and the way in which culture and art contribute to creating connections within and between cities. The starting point for the conversation is the observation of changes that occur in the cities and their spaces and the creation and presentation of culture. As its creators, we face new challenges including climate change, epidemiological strictures, rising prices, reduced subsidies, etc. 

What alternative spaces can we create or open to become an even more diverse and open society? How to facilitate access to culture in these challenging times?

Answers to these questions will be sought by selected guests and visitors from the world of art, culture and urban activists. From 17 to 20 February, 23 representatives of the Wrocław-Berlin cultural sector will join an active, international platform for the exchange of experiences and views.

The participants will work on a common vision, proposals for cooperation and the search for alternative ways to develop urban culture. The program of the forum will also include city walks, study visits in interesting places and presentations of previous results of the international project BERLIN_culture forum_WROCŁAW. Talks, meetings and visits will be held in both cities and in Kulturzug/Train to Culture.

Wrocław will be represented by: Karolina Bieniek, Iwona Frydryszak, Magdalena Kreis, Jerzy Łątka, Aleksandra Nawysz, Kuba Tabisz, Bartek Zubik, Kuba Żary.

Participants from Berlin are: Thomas Kellner, Philipp Urrutia, Martin Clausen, Rafał Dziemidok, Maike Kalischer, Marianne Richert, Anja Schäplitz, Matthias Schönijahn, Joanna Szproch, Guy Francois Bosch, Louis Vollkmann, Magdalena Kaminska, Tinatin Gurgenidze, Doruk Ciftci, Ina Schönenberg

More about the project

BERLIN_culture forum_WROCŁAW is both a result of cooperation between the Wrocław Institute of Culture, Kulturzug/Train to Culture and Convivium Berlin e.V. and a continuation of the activities of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016, with the support of the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe. The main goal of the forum, which has been running since 2018, is to strengthen the dialogue and cooperation between the cultural and art communities of Wrocław and Berlin.

Meet the artists of “Whose voices are heard?” residency project! 

We are pleased to announce that by the decision of the committee consisting of representatives of the Wrocław Institute of Culture and representatives of Norwegian partners from Hvitsten Salong and Safemuse in Oslo, we invite to participate in the residency exchange “Whose voices are heard?” 12 minority artist living in Poland and Norway.


Culture of Mobility 2023: meet the beneficients of this year’s supporting program!

Exhibition in Boston, a performance during the foodculture days art biennial in Switzerland, the realisation of costumes with glass elements for a Vivian Fredrich dance show in Barcelona – these are just a part of the projects that will be supported by the local Culture of Mobility grant fund! Check out foreign initiatives that will be realised by the winners of this year’s call.


Culture of Mobility 2023 call for entries has started! 

Are you planning to participate in an independent art fair, a creative workshop, or maybe you are going to join a scientific conference or an art review? Are you considering a study stay or a trip to your dream artistic residency? Apply for a small fund supporting trips of local artists abroad and get funding for your trip in the Culture od Mobility open call!