Whose voices are being heard? Apply for the exchange program of foreign artists from Poland and Norway!    

We invite artists belonging to minority groups living in Poland to apply for the residency exchange , "Whose voices are being heard?" implemented by Wroclaw Institute of Culture (Wroclaw/PL), Hvitsten Salong (Hvitsten/NO) and Safemuse (Oslo/NO). The year-and-a-half-long project benefits from funding from the EEA funds under the Culture Program. Its main goal is to equalize the opportunities and visibility of minority artists and create safe and inclusive spaces for artistic work.

The project for the exchange of artistic residencies between Poland and Norway addresses topics related to the migration of artists, practices of including minorities in cultural activities on an equal basis and presenting them to the majority society.   

“In order to professionalize artists and develop their entrepreneurship in the cultural sector, as well as to shape the skills of international cooperation between Poland and Norway – in addition to the residencies themselves – we plan to organize cyclical study visits, as well as accompanying events for artists, institutions and audiences in Wroclaw, Oslo and Hvitsten.” – said WIoC’s international activities team.

DEADLINE: 31.01.2023  

RESIDENCY: one-month stay in Norway from spring to autumn 2023 + participation in this year’s Hvitsten Salong festival  

FEE: 4 000 – 5000 PLN  



In 2023, six artists from Poland will have the opportunity to travel to Hvitsten for a month-long residency and participate in the local art and music festival Hvitsten Salong 2023, while six artists from Norway will be invited to Wroclaw. The selected residents, on both sides of the Baltic Sea, will be supported by curators in the adaptation, research and creative process.    

 Apply for the “Whose voices are being heard?” and join the exchange program for foreign artists from Poland and Norway!

We are waiting for applications until January 31, 2023.

What are the benefits for project participants?  

Selected artists will receive an honorarium and accommodation, work with a local curator and create in safe conditions. What’s more, the project , “Whose voices are being heard?” includes an educational component for artists, aimed at professionalizing their work. The artists will create in an international environment, learning about the specifics of the work of the host institution and the local community. The project is implemented in cooperation with the NGO Safemuse, supporting artists , “at risk”. 

Who can apply? 

The open call is addressed to artists, with a particular focus on (but not limited to) people with migrant experience or belonging to minority groups representing various fields of contemporary art and living in Poland (including foreign individuals).  We expect those interested to be able to travel for a month-long residency in 2023, to participate in the Hvitsten Salong 2023 festival taking place in early August (detailed dates of the residency are to be determined with Hvitsten Salong), and to know English.   

How to apply? 

Those who wish to participate in this artist exchange program should send in English their resume, a portfolio in .pdf format and answer the questions: Why would you like to participate? What would you like to do during the residency? What are the topics that move you the most in your artistic work? (1500-2000 zzs). The application should be in English. The deadline for submissions is January 31. Applications should be sent by email to airwro[et]instytutkultury.pl. 


Hvitsten Salong is an arts institution run by artists and professionals from the world of art and culture. With its experience in organising artistic events, including the Hvitsten Salong art and music festival, and its cross-sectoral approach, the institution contributes to the development and creation of innovative solutions for culture. It reaches a wide and diverse audience by exhibiting art in Hvitsten’s public spaces. Its programme also includes an educational programme for children and young people.   

Safemuse was founded on the initiative of several art organisations protecting artistic freedom, the role of the artist in society and creating an international solidarity initiative. Through it, Safemuse has been running artist residencies for artists at risk from different countries since 2013. Safemuse creates a network of Norwegian cultural institutions and organisations and an international network working on this theme. Safemuse has so far organised a series of events on freedom of artistic expression; Artistic Freedom Week, SAFE, a series of films and meetings with endangered artists and Norwegian artists and the Safe Havens conference – a global networking conference on art, culture, human rights, artistic freedom. Safemuse will coordinate participation of the artist at risk. 

“Whose voices are being heard? Exchange program for foreign artists from Poland and Norway” is co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 under the Culture Programme. 

Rave, improvisation, meditation, body – “LUCIDITY” performance in Barbara 

A daydream, provocative sounds of rave, ecstatically moving bodies and a pleasantly calming blue light that puts the audience in a meditative state. January 12 at 6 pm. Wrocław Institute of Culture invites you to Barbara for a Arnis Aleinikovas’ performance entitled “LUCIDITY”. Participation is free, but registration is required.


Building a community through movement. About rave-based body experiment called LUCIDITY 

Arnis Aleinikovas, a resident of the Wrocław Institute of Culture as part of the European MagiC Carpets platform, worked in workshops with a group of Wrocław’s resident for over a month. The performance classes of the Lithuanian artist ended with a show open to the public – on January 12 we had a premiere of the “LUCIDITY” performance.


Summary of Maria Yakymenko’s artistic residency 

The Ukrainian artist, a resident of the Wrocław Institute of Culture as part of the European MagiC Carpets platform, worked for a month running workshops with a group of Wrocław’s newcomers. The collective activities of Mariia Yakymenko together with a workshops participants translated into a social portrait of our city composed of mosaic stories. Group created an artistic publication – a spatial ZINE full of collages.