Ukraine will be – open call

Call for artistic duos from Ukraine is now opened – we’re waiting for your applications until June 9. The residence will take place in September 2022. The call is addressed to Ukrainian artists, creators and theoreticians of broadly defined art (visual arts, theatre, literature and others).

We invite duos to apply, consisting of:  

  1. an artist, theoretician or researchers living in Poland or planning to move to Poland (including Wrocław or Lower Silesia)  
  2. a creator, theoretician or researcher currently residing in Ukraine, who wants or needs to stay there (this person will do the residency in digital form, without coming to Poland).  

The theme of the artistic residency are scenarios of the future of Ukraine. We are looking for propositions that refer to: reconstruction, alliances, common language, community building, as well as artistic proposals or tools for creating a future world.

Ukraine will bedirects artistic interpretations towards futurevisions and intuitionsaboutUkraine. In addition, the residency may refer to a broader contexts, including the capturing of observations about socio-political changes in this part of Europe and shaping or even improving the new reality in which we all need to find ourselves.    

Through regular online meetings, the collaborative duo will develop an artistic activity that will be presented to the public during a hybrid artist talk in Wrocław Institute of Culture – Barbara (Świdnicka Street 8b).

What do we offer:

→ accommodation in the city centre of Wrocław for the person living in Poland  
→ travel costs: up to 200 PLN gross (for one)
→ remuneration for both: 3000 PLN gross for each person    
→ substantive supervision,   
→ organization of networking meetings in Wrocław  
→ organization of artist talk  

Apply now!

To apply for the residency project, please send the following in English, Polish or Ukrainian:  

→ portfolios (both artists)
→ jointly written idea for a residency project: a statement of 1500-2000 characters with spaces referring to the theme of the residency  „Ukraine will be” (supporting questions: Why do you want to take part in the residency? What is your idea for the residency project? Why did you decide to work together? How to build connections between the cultural sector in Ukraine and the cultural sector that moved abroad?).  

The deadline for applications is 9 June 2022. Applications should be sent by e-mail to, writing in the e-mail subject: NAME – Ukraine will be.  


→ production costs: We do not provide production costs.   
→ application process: free of charge  
application languages: English, Ukrainian, Polish    
→ the duo is selected by a three-person commission from Wrocław Institute of Culture
a template of the contract with the resident
the regulations of the residential project
КОРОТОК українською мовою / BRIEF in the Ukrainian language

Do you have any questions? Contact us: