Saitip Majewska

Saitip Majewska

Thai artist, doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. She uses her work for art therapy, focusing on the interactivity of art and connecting people. Her work at the intersection of ceramics, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and art installations focuses on experiencing through the sense of touch. 

She often works with textiles because of their specific properties. They are flexible, susceptible to change, deformation, have shape memory, and their materialism imparts many messages, Giving new forms to textiles lures viewers with softness, color, ideas. In this way, she offers those who interact with her art new experiences. 

‘Through the inspiration of Theodor Kittelsen, a Norwegian artist who became famous for his illustrations of fairy tales and legends, especially of trolls. He lived and was related to Hvitsten, the town is surrounded by the sea and forests. This environment provided me with imagination and dreaming thoughts about the mystical Norwegian folktale to create The Sea Monster.” 
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