Klub pod Kolumnami

Klub pod Kolumnami was established at Plac Św. Macieja 21 back in the 1960s. It has continued to operate at this address to the present day, becoming one of the key points on the cultural map of Nadodrze district over the decades.

Until the 1990s, the Klub operated as one of two branches of Dom Kultury Światowid (Światowid House of Culture), before becoming a municipal cultural institution operating independently. A new chapter in the history of the venue began with the start of 2023 – on the 1st of January, Klub pod Kolumnami became part of the Wrocław Institute of Culture.

Residents of Nadodrze know the Klub very well as an open meeting place that presents and engages participants in a variety of cultural activities, particularly those introducing them to world cultures and exploring the theme of intercultural dialogue. The club’s stage regularly hosts concerts, plays or cabaret evenings; the gallery presents exhibitions of painting, drawing, collage or photography. All the workshops organised at the club, whether film, theatre, cabaret, collage or dance, maintain a truly intimate character.

Parallel to this vibrant activity, we are developing the space of the Klub and updating its offer, considering the expectations of current and future participants of the activities organised there. To help us analyse the role of the Klub for the residents of Nadodrze and the cultural life of the neighbourhood and the city, our team was joined by Dr Katarzyna Chajbos-Walczak, a researcher collaborating mainly with cultural institutions and community organisations, who for more than a decade has been designing processes to identify needs, resources and potentials. You will soon be able to see the results of our work!

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Friday | 10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday | CLOSED


Plac Świętego Macieja 21, 50-244 Wrocław

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