AIR Wro supports the mobility of Polish and foreign artists, creators and culture professionals by enabling them to go on residencies, and promotes the activities of creators from Wrocław and Lower Silesia abroad, which is intended to build and strengthen international cultural relations and provide the community with opportunities for professional development.

The AIR Wro programme was developed as part of the preparations for the Wrocław 2016 European Capital of Culture celebrations and has been thriving ever since. The focus of AIR Wro’s activities is contemporary culture and identity, urbanity, defined as a set of characteristics, issues and tasks related to a given city. A city is considered a common space – collectively defined, created and continuously built anew. This definition is a starting point for activities related to the study and analysis of contemporary cities, the diagnosis and reflection on their condition, the involvement of the residents, and the sense of shared responsibility for the common space.

For residencies and study visits to Wrocław and other European cities, AIR Wro invites artists, curators, researchers, journalists, activists and animators to carry out artistic, cultural and social projects focusing on current problems, such as migration and newly arrived residents, public space, urban greenery, environmental protection and climate change, to mediate and search for good practices and solutions for contemporary cities. The projects are intended to respond to the current situation and needs expressed by artists, creators and international partners.

AIR Wro is one of the largest artist mobility programs in Poland – nearly 50 people embark on a creative journey each year. Only in 2023, they have the opportunity to take part in the following projects: cooperation with an international platform MagiC Carpets, participation in the Polish-Norwegian art project “Whose Voices Are Being Heard?”, a residency exchange for printmakers led by the partner cities of Wrocław and Dresden, or acquisition of funding for a residency or study visit within the Culture of Mobility project.


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