Lit up by vintage neon signs, the courtyard at Ruska 46 is a place that brings together cultural organisations, galleries, clubs, theatres, NGOs and freelance artists that have their headquarters or studios here. It is a cultural hub for meetings, creative activities and entertainment.

No matter what day or time you visit the courtyard, you are bound to come across an exhibition, workshop, play, concert or performance taking place there… Wrocław Institute of Culture is the host of this space and coordinates the cooperation of nearly 40 entities located in it.

Club café Recepcja began its operations in 2018. Located in the heart of the artistic enclave, the space is the networking hub for institutions and organisations operating at the neon courtyard. At the same time, the club café is a space for artistic and creative activities, casual gatherings and the exchange of ideas. Musical experiments play an important role in Recepcja’s programme: you can attend concerts by young, often debuting performers or listen to sets by Wrocław’s most exciting producers and DJs. The space at Ruska 46 presents exhibitions by the most promising artists and designers, and hosts meetings of urban culture enthusiasts taking up subjects from urban sociology to street culture trends.

Recepcja’s activities are co-created by the Wrocław Institute of Culture and the R46 company – a private entity specialising in catering services for cultural and festival events. The Alia Architecture design studio and the architectural office Znamy się are responsible for the interior design.

Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday – 5:00-0:00 pm
Friday-Saturday – 5:00-4:00 pm


Ruska 46 abc courtyard, 50-079 Wroclaw

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