Wrocław Publishing Programme

Wrocław Publishing Programme was launched in 2016 as one of the elements of the Wrocław 2016 European Capital of Culture celebrations. It has been run by the Wrocław Institute of Culture since 2022.

The goals of the WPP remain unchanged: its main task is to provide financial support ( by way of co-edition) to publishers representing authors or engaging in topics related to Wrocław and Lower Silesia. Publication ideas can be submitted in two categories: books and magazines.

When selecting projects, what will we look for?

The “Books’‘ category aims to support worthwhile literature that promotes universal values, yet goes beyond the framework of the commercial publishing market. The artistic, cognitive and social qualities of the publication, as well as the connection of the author or the subject matter with Wrocław and Lower Silesia, are taken into account in the evaluation of the projects. Another important factor is the publishers’ experience, their ability to effectively promote and distribute their publications and to increase their accessibility through the use of new technologies (e.g. making them available as e-books and audiobooks). The budget assumptions of the projects will also be assessed by the experts.

The objective of the “Magazines” category is to support periodicals with a cultural and artistic profile, which present various areas of creativity and promote critical discourse, enriching Wrocław’s cultural offer and presenting the city as an important cultural hub. The programme aims to promote both magazines with a long-standing track record and those which have developed only in recent years. The evaluation will be based on the diversity of topics and the merits of the texts, the connection to Lower Silesia through the author or the undertaken subject, or the opinion-forming nature of the title. The graphic and editorial quality of the magazine, the level of editorial development, the publisher’s experience, the planned forms of distribution or the project’s budget assumptions will also be important. From this year, ISSN numbered journals published only online are also included in the programme.

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