all.cake.all.night: neighborhood dinners are back in October!

Starting the autumn season with “all.cake.all.night” project by Teresa Stillebacher and the Aesthetic Athletics+ collective! The team built a spatial architectural pavilion in the Artistic Courtyard of the HART hostel, where they invites residents of Nadodrze (and beyond!) to participate in a spatial intervention in the form of an open kitchen, cooking together, art meetings and conversations at one large table.

The project began in September, when the Austrian architect started her residency in Wrocław under the European MagiC Carpets platform. Teresa Stillebacher came to Wrocław with her architect friends and lecturers from the Austrian collective Aesthetic Athletics+. The group, together with the help of a local creator, Tytus Presiński (, constructed a spacious Pavilion equipped with a field kitchen and DIY furniture. The facility, which was built in the yard at 25a Rydygiera Street is made entirely of second-cycle materials.

Pavilion official opening happened last month – now it’s time for the second stage of the project filled with culinary and artistic activities in one of the most creative energazied backyards of Nadodrze!

We invite residents of Nadodrze (and beyond) to participate in a spatial intervention in the form of an open kitchen, cooking together, neighborly dinners, conversations at one large table and the grand finale – an exhibition summarizing the cooperation of artists with the local community.

Neighborhood dinners, culinary improvisations and a grand finale with an exhibition

In the fall, we have planned three meetings: October 20 and 21 at 18:00 we invite you to neighborhood, outdoor dinners in the Pavilion (join the event HERE). A spacious architectural facility equipped with electric burners, kitchen utensils, furniture and original ceramics with lots of delicious food, invites all lovers of zero waste cuisine, art, architecture and tasting. You can join the cooking at any time, you can come just for dinner, you can do nothing, accompany and talk. The important thing is that we will be united by our culinary passion, and everything will revolve around food culture and taste experiences!

On the last Friday of the month, October 27 (also at 6:00 p.m.), we will organize the last dining combined with the exhibition (link to the event). We will open the meeting with a formula already known to the inhabitants of Nadodrze: cooking together and having a cozy and delicious time in the Artistic Courtyard of the HART hostel.


While preparing a meal together, residents of the Wrocław Institute of Culture will present the process of creating an architectural work. They also intend to make the artistic notes available for the first time and show a prototype of a publication summarizing over a month of intensive work on the #cookintechture concept initiated during the construction of the Pavilion. The idea was celebrated through performative activities taking place there and involving neighbors of Nadodrze. The Pavilion will become not only a place for conversations and exchange of experiences about food, but also a modern exhibition space showcasing inspirations and visualizations of the building process – cooperation between Teresa and AA+ with local creators, residents.

If you have your own signature dishes, or maybe ideas and suggestions for serving your favorites – share the recipe with us! Your culinary inspirations can become part of the project (contact:

All all.cake.all.night culinary and artistic events are free of charge, will be held in English with Polish translation and will take place in the PAVILION at the Artistic Courtyard of the HART hostel at Rydygiera 25a Street in Wrocław.

About the artist

Teresa Stillebacher studied architecture in Innsbruck. Her interdisciplinary practice combines architecture, performing art and interventions in public space. He lives and works in Innsbruck and Vienna, and since 2018 he has run his own studio ( Together with Lino Lanzmaier, he develops and implements projects in various fields of architecture, from interiors to urban space design. She is a senior researcher at ./studio3 – Institute of Experimental Architecture in Innsbruck, and her research interests focus on multidisciplinary 1:1 projects.

MagiC Carpets

The Wrocław Institute of Culture is a partner of the international Magic Carpets platform, co-financed by the European Union program “Creative Europe”, bringing together several cultural organizations. Teresa Stillebacher’s residency is possible thanks to the cooperation of the Institute with the Austrian institution Openspace-Innsbruck.

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