Grafikwerkstatt Studio – we know the results of the 8th open call!

We’ve learned the decision of the jury of the Dresden residency open call! Ioannis Anastasiou was selected for a the autumn residency stay in Dresden. Congratulations!

A residency exchange for artists specialising in printmaking has been organised by the City of Wrocław in cooperation with the partner city of Dresden for seven years now. Thanks to it, the following artists have already been able to work in one of Europe’s largest studios in Dresden: Maja Dokudowicz, Natalia Tarnawa, Katarzyna Roman and Dominika Ziober-Król, Beata Filipowicz, Vinicius Libardoni, and in September/October 2022, Anna Chlebowska.

Resident Ioannis Anastasiou

The artist was born in Athens and received his PhD in art from the E. Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He is currently working at the Academy as a printmaking lab technician. Ioannis’ work takes into account the social and political context. He uses intaglio, relief, flat and experimental printing techniques in the creation of three-dimensional objects – most often installations, art books and prints. He has participated in many international conferences, symposiums and workshops and has co-authored numerous publications in art magazines. He is co-organiser of PrintCard Wrocław – International Prints Exchange, co-founder of Zine Without a Crown and co-founder of Misprint Studio in Wrocław.

During the artist residency I want to realise a project entitled Dawn was grey and bitter. I will deal with the delicate subject of the wounds and scars of body and soul that war leaves behind. I will be inspired and helped by my research into the many aspects of the bombing of Dresden in February 1945, linking them to the present day and what we understand as memory. – Ioannis recalls.

The project involves the creation of a series of prints that refer to how symbols change meaning, how the signifier becomes insignificant and how an image moves from the real, to the symbolic, to the imagined, to the remembered. He will work in the Dresden studio using algraphy and letterpress printing techniques.

Organisers and partners

The residency is organised by the twin cities of Wrocław and Dresden. Exchange partners: Grafikwerkstatt Studio in Dresden, the Wrocław Institute of Culture, the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, the City Gallery in Wrocław and Copper Engraver’s House.

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