Meet the residency duo of the Out-of-doors project!

In a recent jury meeting at the Wroclaw Institute of Culture, two outstanding individuals were chosen to participate in the pilot research and networking artist residency called Out-of-doors. Scheduled for September and October, this residency promises to be an exciting exploration of grassroots initiatives and post-artistic projects.
Who applied and what were their proposals?

We closed the month-long call for proposals for the project investigating the processes behind the functioning (but also disintegration) of working grassroots initiatives and “wandering” post-artistic projects in Wroclaw with a total of 36 applications. Responses to participate in the artist residency came from Warsaw, Poznan, Lodz, Gdansk, Krakow, Opole and locally from Wroclaw. And among those interested in the subject were cultural researchers, artistic, initiators, curators and those representing the dance and theater community. In their submissions, applicants raised numerous themes related to the creation of grassroots venues, their challenges, difficulties, repetitive activities, self-organization of teams, organizational and legal issues of the operation of initiatives. Among the motivations, the most common were issues of experience in local/bottom-up work, the desire to work together, explore the topic of non-institutional phenomena, exchange of experiences or participation. 

Who will come to Wroclaw in the fall?

The selection committee, consisting of Anna Bieliz, Karolina Jaworska, Joanna Panciuchin and Pawel Szroniak, unanimously awarded the highest marks to Milena Saporowska and Lukasz Wojcicki. What ideas will they realize as part of the European project What’s next?

Meet Milena Saporowska: a visual artist, art historian, journalist, and independent curator from Warsaw. Milena’s work intersects everyday life and popular culture with a touch of magic. As co-founder of the independent exhibition space Windowlicker, she brings a unique perspective to her Out-of-doors residency. Milena aims to delve into the mechanisms of local initiatives through studio visits, interviews, and photographic documentation, culminating in a guide to Wroclaw’s alternative cultural scene.

Łukasz Wójcicki: a multi-talented artist hailing from Warsaw. He is a dancer, choreographer, performer, actor, educator, and art researcher. With a focus on performing arts education, Lukasz’s residency will explore the concept of “temporal commonality” within micro-communities formed during artistic interventions. He plans to investigate sub-community dynamics and the space of ignorance outside official social discourse, offering insights through performative lectures.

What’s next?

The residency will be divided into three phases. Initially, Milena and Lukasz will draft their schedules, followed by three weeks of hands-on exploration in Wroclaw. This period will involve research, engagement with the local cultural scene, and networking with similar initiatives across Poland. The residency will culminate in a public presentation during the “Art of the Neighborhood” forum in October. We extend our congratulations to Milena Saporowska and Łukasz Wójcicki for their selection. We eagerly anticipate the innovative contributions they will make to the Out-of-doors project.

Organizer: Wrocław Institute of Culture

The Out-of-doors residency is part of the project What’s next? Safe cultural multi-spaces for multidisciplinary reflection on (post)war and (post)crisis European identity, co-financed by the European Union and developed in collaboration with partners between zusa gGmbH (Germany), MUSIKTHEATERTAGE WIEN (Austria), proto produkciia (Ukraine), Wroclaw Institute of Culture (Poland) and Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Romania).

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