Summary of 2023: NETWORKING  

Networking activities conducted by the Wrocław Institute of Culture are not always visible on a daily basis – meetings with local and foreign partners, phone calls and emails, conferences, debates and presentations are not spectacular. At the same time, these local, national, and international contacts are often the starting points for our support and competence […]


It was the second year of the operation of the Wrocław Institute of Culture, and it was a year full of changes and challenges. It turned out that change is in our element – it allowed us to operate outside the box constantly. Constant are also the four pillars of our Institute. One of them […]

OPEN CALLS for projects supporting the mobility of creative people are ON. Apply now!

AIR Wro, an international program of the Wrocław Institute of Culture, has announced as many as three calls for projects supporting artistic and research cultural practices! You can apply for a residency in Kosice, Slovakia, implement a research-networking project about grassroots initiatives in Wroclaw, or get financial support for cross-border projects.

Laura Adel’s “SEDIMENT” exhibition at IP Studio

Multimedia images generated by sound, interactive 3D prints and digital art transferring the poetry of urban spaces into a virtual environment – feel invited to an intermedia exhibition of Laura Adel’s objects, which is a creative summary of the artist’s individual and workshop work during the month-long MagiC Carpets residency. 𝐒𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓 is a look at […]

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