We will also be involved in the networking of the cultural sector. We have experience in cultural cooperation with various entities – from local partnerships, including associations and foundations, through activities with other cultural institutions (from Wrocław and the region), to nationwide and international cooperatives. With our joint efforts, we will be able to strengthen and expand the potential of the cultural environment. 

We have a lot of experience in networking: for example, we organised the Wrocław Congress of Culture together with a social activist group, we took part in the grassroots organisation of the Symposium Wrocław 70/20, or we produced the premiere of a play entitled “Woman and Life”, which was co-created by five Wrocław institutions. We want to continue developing cultural cooperation between local institutions in Wrocław, expanding it to include other organizations involved in culture. One element of this local network is to become Cooperative of Culture – a process that will help us find solutions to share resources (both material and non-material) and help each other in everyday matters. Locally, we will also continue to coordinate the activities of the neighbourhood community of cultural creators from the neon-lit Ruska 46 courtyard.    

Our networks also reach beyond the borders of our city. We are co-creating an informal network called Coalition of Cities, which is a platform for exchanging views and experiences in the development of culture in local governments. An important role in our plans is also played by new projects organised with partners from Ukraine, Belarus and Germany, such as BERLIN_forum kultury_WROCŁAW – meetings of artists and cultural organisers from the eponymous cities. We also want to continue cooperation with Wrocław’s sister cities and, as part of the ECoC Family (European Capitals of Culture Family), an informal network of former, current and future European Capitals of Culture, provide organisational support, share experience, build contacts and enter into international partnerships.