Another area of focus is the networking. We have experience in collaborating with various entities – from local partnerships with associations and foundations, through activities with other cultural institutions (from Wrocław and the region), to nationwide and international cooperatives.

We have a lot of experience in networking. Among other things, we have organised, alongside a social activists group, the Wrocław Culture Congress, we took part in the grassroots organisation of the Wrocław 70/20 Symposium and we produced the premiere of the play “Woman and Life”, which was co-created by five Wrocław institutions. We are committed to developing cultural cooperation between local institutions, non-governmental organisations, commercial entities, informal groups and independent activists.

At times, our networking activities take on a very local, neighbourhood character – such as the work of the community of cultural creatives from the neon-lit Ruska 46 courtyard. Wrocław Institute of Culture is the host of this space and coordinates the cooperation of nearly 40 entities located in it, one of the most visible results of which is the annual Courtyard Celebration. Another activity aimed at building connections between fellow residents is the Art of the Neighbourhood, a forum for local artistic activities, where animators have the opportunity to discuss methods of integrating local communities into their practices.

At the supra-local level, we are co-founding the informal network Coalition of Cities, which is a platform for exchanging views and experiences in the development of culture in local government. International projects such as BERLIN_forum of culture_WROCŁAW – meetings of artists and cultural organisers from both cities – play an important role in our plans too. We also want to continue cooperation with Wrocław’s partner cities and, as part of the ECOC Family (European Capitals of Culture Family), an informal network of former, current and future European Capitals of Culture, provide organisational support, share experience, build contacts and enter into international partnerships.

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